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Easy Image Optimizations to Boost Your SEO & Site Speed

Long gone are the days of building a website which was 98% text, think sites from 1998, with the occasional little image thrown in for good measure.  If you don't remember, or perhaps are too young, here's an example.  I know, gasp. Nowadays, website rely very heavily...

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Setting up Yoast in WordPress for SEO

Optimizing your site for search engines should be a no brainer, though many bloggers feel overwhelmed by what they need to do. Rest assured, you don't have to dive head first and do everything at once.  Take it slow, start with the basics and remember to be consistant...

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Welcome!! I’m Erica a long time lover of digital marketing, chocolate peanut butter cups and road trips with the family. My goal is to bring clarity and confidence to you, the amazing mom and aspiring entrepreneur, so you can live the life you want by owning the business of your dreams

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