There are many different reasons that people blog. There are typically three types of blogs

  1. There are blogs that supplements a companies website and aid in their content marketing initiatives, think product or service providers
  2. Those that blog about a specific topic and use the platform as a way to sell other people’s products
  3. Blogs that are used as content marketing and lead generation to sell the bloggers own products or services

Regardless, there are opportunities to monetize your blog to start bringing in a little or a lot of income. Many of the strategies you can start implementing on your site right away!

Selling Your Own Products or Services

1. Sell an eBook

If you’ve got tons of knowledge or a great idea stored away in that head of yours, writing an eBook is a great way to generate income.

You can write and produce an eBook in a reasonable amount of time, the largest time suck will be the actual putting of words on paper, but getting it on to a platform to be sold is relatively easy.

You can use a service like Amazon to get your The big benefit to working through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, even though they charge you a commission on your sales, is their reach. Around 89 million Americans are said to be active ebook readers. That’s your potential audience, all those people visiting this site and browsing for a new book.

2. Sell an eCourse

Have a blog about baking – sell an ecourse on how to bake and decorate birthday cakes

Have a blog about parenting – sell ecourses imparting your awesome parenting how-tos!

The world is your oyster!

The awesome thing about ecourses is that you can create evergreen courses that will continue to drive income without constantly being in “launch mode”. By creating a killer sales funnel, this method can make you money while you sleep.

The con of this method, is that it’s time consuming to produce.  To really make an awesome course, there’s a lot of effort that goes into planning, creating and marketing it.

3. Start an eCommerce Product Line

There are lots of great services out there that make starting an ecommerce lines easy as pie. If you are looking to sell custom designed goods such as t-shirts, mug, prints, etc. check out the links below.  If you are wanting to get into more custom created products or white-labelling products, then places like AliExpress are going to be your go to.

4. Take Donations

This is a great one for blogs that don’t tend to monetize in other ways or are involved in a social cause. If you are doing good, making people laugh or generally just provide a ridiculous amount of help, then pop up a “make a donation” or “buy me a cup of coffee” button. The Oatmeal is one of my favorite comics, you can check out his Buy Me a Cup of Coffee page.

5. Flip Your Blog

This isn’t an ongoing method of monetization, but if you are looking to close up shop or move to another business idea, why not sell the blog you’ve built.  This can also be done if you are just really kick-ass at building things from the ground up and love doing it over and over again. Flippa will be the place to checkout if selling your blog is on your mind.

Keep in mind that people looking to purchase a blog have a few things they are looking for.

  • Consistent earnings: You need to make sure your earnings are stable if you want a good sale price and be able to prove it!
  • Consistent statistics: Again, if buyers can see big fluctuations in your search engine rankings they will consider it a warning sign that you might be selling for a reason that you’re not disclosing.
  • An easy-to-adopt website: If your blog is totally wound up in your personality and has readers and content that apply to your life and experience it will probably be very difficult for someone else to take over and profit from.
  • Historical reports: Make sure you have stats installed early on and clear histories of traffic and earnings, buyers want to see the growth of the blog and have a clear picture of it’s future earning potential.

6. Start Offering Services

Do you have the skills and expertise for helping or teaching people? Then maybe offering services is up your alley. Just keep in mind that any time you start offering services, it will eat into your time.  Though the amount you can charge varies depending on the service, it may be totally worth it to dedicate a few hours a week to coaching, consulting, training, creation or any other type of service.

7. Create a Membership Site

Membership sites have become quite the rag as of late and for good reason.  They provide a wealth of information at a reasonable monthly rate making them easier to convert that a one-time, high priced item.  They also usually come with a community aspect making members feel like they are part of a greater cause.

Though, they can take a crap-load of work.  You’ll want to start with a nice base of content so that early adopters get their monies worth, AND you’ll need to create valuable content on an on-going, consistent basis.

8. Create a Paid Directory

Paid directories are a great option if the topic of your blog services a particular service industry or you feel your visitors are looking for services or products related to your blog.

Here are some great examples that could easily create a paid directory

  • Photography website – list of photographers
  • Local mommy blog – list of parenting resources/businesses
  • Fitness & health blog – directory of virtual fitness trainers


Sell Other People’s Products or Services

9. Affiliate Marketing

The idea behind affiliate marketing is pretty simple.

  1. Find a product or service you really care about and stand behind
  2. Sign up for the affiliate program
  3. Use the custom, affiliate links to direct your audience to the product or service
  4. If someone makes a purchase via your link you get a commission from the sale – can you say cha-ching?
The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can sell products or services without investing your time or money to create them Click To Tweet

Affiliate income is a relatively easy way to make some passive income.  Just remember:

  1. Only recommend products or services you truly stand behind
  2. Be sure to have an Affiliate Disclosure Page on your site
  3. Set a regular schedule to check up on the affiliate programs you are part of. I review mine monthly.

Best Affiliate Networks

10. Sponsored Posts

Popular amongst Mommy Bloggers, sponsored posts essentially pay you for doing what you are already doing – writing blog posts.  If you are new to the blogging game, you’ll likely be the one reaching out to companies.  Much like affiliate marketing, be sure to engage with companies whose products you like and respect.  Compensation for a sponsored post can come in the way of free product, money, or both.

11. Sell Ad Space

This method of blog monetization was super popular years ago, but has gone a bit to the wayside.  I think for two reasons, website visitors are more savvy than they were 10 years ago and are less likely to click on ads, and website creators want a more user-friendly aesthetically appealing website and plaster ads all over doesn’t really do that.

That being said there still websites and blog that will pop up ads in their side bar, footer area and or even within the content.

You can use a service like Google Adsense or sell and manage things yourself.



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