Reviews are the holy-grail of any location-based business.

In this, the age of the internet, it’s not surprising that 88% have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. While we don’t know exactly Google’s algorithm for determining what listings are ranked high in search or are to appear when searching Google Maps, we do know that people inherently look for social proof.  Reviews can be a quick indicator that you actually have buying customers, people had a good experience with you and that your product or service is top-notch.

Though for many businesses, they stumble when it comes to actually getting reviews. One of the simplest and cheapest is to ask for a review after a transaction has occurred. This means that you can send an email after a project is done or add it to your receipts at purchase time.

Up until landing on this handy-dandy blog post, you probably struggled with communicating with your customers how exactly to go about finding the review option in Google. Well, that ends here and now – the below 6-step process (and about 3 mins of your time) will result in a URL that you can provide to customers that will send them where they need to be, submitting a Google Review for your business. Sweet, eh?

1. Go to


2. Type in your business’ name into the search box


3. Copy the PlaceID

4. Add your place ID to this URL –

Final result will look like

5. Test that the URL works

Simply pop it into a browser window and hit enter

6. Share with your customers or clients

  • I recommend using a service like to short the url and to make it look pretty
  • Or you can set up a redirection – review ->
  • Add sharing it into your process flow with customers, ie. send the URL in a nice email 1 week after a project closes or 2 weeks after a product ships.
  • Be sure to respond to people’s reviews!


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