So recently my Facebook feed was flooded with talk of this new social media platform, Vero. Touted as the new, and better, Instagram.  Vero definitely made a splash this week as talk of the “new” platform gained momentum

But what is Vero, and is it really the new Instagram?

The site has actually been around for a few years, but it has just recently started to grow in popularity. Vero was first launched in 2015 by Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri, movie financier Motaz Nabulsi, and venture capitalist Scott Birnbaum. With such big backers with a lot of $$ you’d think they would have been more on the game when it came to usage issues.

One major selling point to Vero is the fact that users can pick who can and cannot see their posts. You can categorize followers based on real-life relationships (“close friends,” “friends,” and “acquaintances”).

The one thing that I particularly like is that users can share more than just photos and videos. Links, music, movies, books, and places can all be shared and put into “collections.” This definitely opens the door to more opportunities than Instagram currently offers.

Vero is a free app, for the moment. But in order to keep the platform ad-free, the company will start charging users a subscription fee. I think Vero will really have to wow it’s  first round of users to keep the user-base big enough and engaged enough to charge a fee to use.

Then again, if Instagram feels threatened by Vero, Instagram very well could make changes to their platform including changing their algorithm back to the way it was and thereby take back its place at the top of the social media hierarchy.

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