Using Google Analytics Data To Make Smart Decisions in Your Business

As a lover of all things data related, I’m always looking for ways that myself and my clients can improve their business with data. Google Analytics is usually the go-to source for capturing and sifting through information about your website. A lot of businesses see the value in using Google Analytics on their site, but they are unsure where to start or what to look at.


What You’ll Learn

  1. What is Google Analytics
  2. How to Install Google Analytics – Check out this awesome blog post and walk through video!
  3. Overview of different metrics
    1. Real-time data
    2. Audience
    3. Acquisition
    4. Behaviour
    5. Conversions
  4. Setting up goals (ecommerce and non-ecommerce options)
  5. The benefits of having a thank you page (**hint – it’s not just for conversion tracking!)
  6. Identifying top content or poorly performing pages

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Data Studio by Google Report Template

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