Collaborate to Compete

How to grow your business by collaborating

As business owners we’ve likely all experienced similar start up pains and struggles when it comes to gaining exposure. Unfortunately, these challenges sometimes drives us to compete with other business owners rather than help each other grow. While this may seem like a natural reaction, better results often come from collaboration over competition. Instead of spending energy knocking each other down, we can use our precious time and energy to build and foster lucrative relationships all while providing value to our customers.

What You’ll Learn

Why you should be collaborating to grow your business

  • Gain inspiration by collaborating
  • Grow your network and build your business
  • Learn new things by working with others
  • Save time and/or money by collaborating

Types of Collaborations for entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • Content collaborations – guest blogging, podcast appearances, video interviews, etc
  • Joint digital or in-person events – virtual summits, joint webinars, live conferences or workshops
  • Promotional collaborations – sales or specials, bundled products, etc
  • Referrals

How to reach out to potential collaborators

  • Dash of Visibility from Ashley at Dash of Social
  • Reaching out to people you’d like to collaborate with


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